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Tesla Model 3 Y Hepa Filter Replacement Modely Air Conditioning Grid Filter Air Conditioning Filter

Tesla Model 3 Y Hepa Filter Replacement Modely Air Conditioning Grid Filter Air Conditioning Filter

Replacement Filters Compatible with Tesla Model 3/Y. A component used in various parts of a vehicle to trap and remove contaminants, ensuring the efficient operation and longevity of the car's systems. Different types of filters serve specific functions within the vehicle, such as improving air quality, protecting the engine, and maintaining fuel efficiency. Here are the main types of car filters and their purposes.

1. Improved Performance: Clean filters ensure optimal performance of the engine and other systems.

2. Health and Comfort: Cabin air filters enhance the comfort and health of passengers by ensuring clean air inside the vehicle. 

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Replacement Filters Compatible with Tesla Model3/Y. Crucial components that play a vital role in maintaining the health and efficiency of a vehicle. Regular inspection and timely replacement of these filters are essential for optimal vehicle performance and longevity. Our high-quality air filters for Tesla vehicles are designed for effortless installation and durability. These filters provide excellent fitment, ensuring they perfectly match your Tesla without the need for any cutting or splicing. Equipped with the correct connectors, they integrate seamlessly into your vehicle's existing system. By using these premium filters, you enhance the air quality within your car, contributing to a sharper and more sophisticated look and feel. Not only do they improve the interior environment by filtering out pollutants and allergens, but they also support the overall performance of your Tesla, making them an essential upgrade for any Tesla owner.


● Compatible with Tesla Model3/Y 

● Suitable for Tesla Model3/Y external HEPA air conditioning filter modely air conditioning grid filter air conditioning grid

● HEPA cabin filters Made of strong and double layer paper, not easily deformed under a wet environment, more durable and lasting than the normal single paper material frame.

● Provides superior air quality inside the cabin, beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.


Replacement filter Tesla Model Y.Integrated into the HVAC system.


Replacement filter for Tesla Model Y
9.5inch x 5.8inch x 1.2 inch
Medium Material
PE bag+ Carton Box
1.8 Pounds



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