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4v Plastic Frames

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Wholesale Strong Structure Universal Hepa Air Filters for 4v Cell

Wholesale Strong Structure Universal Hepa Air Filters for 4v Cell

V cell Frame PVC/ABS Material. V-Cell filters to provide high-efficiency filtration at low energy consumption and compact format. The V-Cell can be used in any air conditioning application and preparatory filtration in cleanrooms.

1. Robust construction

2. Rigid configuration maintains good performance in turbulent airflow

3. No metal parts

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Air filter plastic frame housings play a crucial role in air filtration systems by providing a protective enclosure for the filter element and ensuring efficient airflow. These housings are usually constructed from high-impact resistant plastics like polypropylene or polycarbonate, which offer durability, lightweight properties, and cost-effectiveness.


● Color: Black

● Material: ABS/PVC Plastic

● Size: Customizable

● Header: 20mm or 25mm

1) Strong ABS plastic frame
2) Long life time.
3) Reusable
4) Good support to ensure filter will not increase resistance. High efficiency and low resistance
5) Easy disassembly
6) Significantly lower cost of use.


Used for V bank air filter frame. Industries of Electronics, Chemicals, Precision Machinery, Biomedical, Food, Beverage etc.

1) For frame of filter that used in Clean room fresh air conditioning system
2) Support filter media well

Typical applications include built-up filter banks, rooftops, split systems, free-standing units, package systems, and air handlers in medical facilities, pharmaceuticals, and clean process manufacturing.


Product name

V cell frame




Black/Blue customizable


Strong structure


Accept customization



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