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Healthy Filters True Hepa Filter Replacement with Activated Carbon Filter for Holmes HAPF30AT

Healthy Filters True Hepa Filter Replacement with Activated Carbon Filter for Holmes HAPF30AT

The Holmes HAPF3 replacement filter is designed for use in Holmes air purifiers, particularly those within the Holmes HEPA-type air purifier series. Provides effective air cleaning to improve indoor air quality.

1. Odor Reduction: Includes an activated carbon layer that helps reduce common household odors from pets, cooking, smoke, and more.

2. Material: Made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and effective filtration over time.

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The Holmes HAPF30AT replacement filter is a HEPA-type filter with an activated carbon layer, designed to improve indoor air quality by capturing airborne particles and reducing odors. It is compatible with specific Holmes air purifier models and is easy to install and replace. Regular replacement of the filter helps maintain the performance of the air purifier and ensures cleaner air in your home.


● Compatible with Holmes aer1 air purifiers HAPF30AT-U4R. Also fits to # CAP531-U, CAP529-U, HAP240, HAP242, HAP243, HAP412, HAP422, HAP424, HAP702, HAP706, HAP716, HAP1702, HAP2400, HAP9240, HAP9242, HAP9243, HAP9412, HAP9413, HAP9414,HAP9415, HAP9421, HAP9422, HAP9423, HAP9424, HAP9425 + other AER1 models.

● Made of ABS material, with good flexibility, uniform thickness, light weight and stable quality..

● The filter is designed for easy installation and replacement, ensuring user convenience.

● By capturing a high percentage of airborne particles and reducing odors, the HAPF3 filter helps improve the overall air quality in your home.

Carbon filter effectively absorbs household odors from pets, cooking, and smoking while trapping larger air contaminants such as hair and lint. 

High Efficiency: Our replacement filters use high-strength and environmentally friendly non-woven fabric and pre-filter is full of activated carbon, which can bring a better filtaration effect.

● Durable and long-lasting: Made from high-quality materials, our filters are built to last. Each filter has a durable construction that ensures prolonged usage and maximum effectiveness.


 Specially designed for  Holmes HAPF30AT-U4R.



Replacement filter for  Holmes HAPF3


1.2 x 10 x 4.6 inches.

Medium Material







PE bag+ Carton Box





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