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Activated Carbon Filter Material

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Supply Cabin Air Filters Paper High Efficiency HEPA Adsorption 3 Layers Activated Cloth Sandwich Carbon Filter Media

Supply Cabin Air Filters Paper High Efficiency HEPA Adsorption 3 Layers Activated Cloth Sandwich Carbon Filter Media

Designed for maximum performance, this filter combines HEPA filtration with activated carbon in a unique triple-layer structure, ensuring the highest level of air quality for various applications.

1. Ensures comprehensive filtration of particles, gases, and odors.

2. Captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, pollen, and smoke.Removes harmful VOCs and other chemical pollutants.

3. Made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and a longer service life.

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Sandwich activated carbon cloth is also called activated carbon cloth, activated carbon filter cotton. The sandwich activated carbon cloth is a three-layer cloth which the top and bottom layers are non-woven fabric cloth and the middle layer is the high quality activated carbon powders. The non-woven fabric cloth and activated carbon powders are fastened by high temperature thermal pressing.

The non-woven fabric cloth of the sandwich activated carbon cloth has two types: one is the needle-punched cotton and the other is PP non-woven cloth. The activated carbon powder in the middle layer can be coconut shells activated carbon powders. 


● Strong absorption

● High dust ohlding capacity

● Good air ventilation

● Good strength

● Media: Activated carbon media is made of quality coconut shell carbon powder material and adhere in between two layers of non-woven fabric cloth and long fiber

● Non-woven fabric cloth type:needle-punched fabric cloth and PP non-woven fabric cloth

● Size:Customized


The sandwich activated carbon cloth is widely used in our daily life to eliminating and removing the peculiar odors and harmful gases in the air. It can filter foul smog, pollen, dust, harmful gas and various peculiar smell.
It can be made into activated carbon mask to block harmful gases from entering the mouth of people.                                                          The sandwich activated carbon cloth can be used in the pleated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors in the air.


Adsorption objects:≥ all kinds of organic gases
Final pressure drop:200pa
Humidity resistance:≤100%RH
Resistance to temperature:≤80
Instantaneous temperature resistance≤120
Filtration efficiency:>99.5%
Regular length of a roll:300 meters
Basis Weight (g/m2):440±44
Packaging Details:Packed in rolls with PE bags




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