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Activated Carbon Filter Material

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High Efficiency Filtration Activated Carbon Filter Media Roll China Made Industry used and Clean Air

High Efficiency Filtration Activated Carbon Filter Media Roll China Made Industry used and Clean Air

This ensures optimal performance and the highest level of air quality for various applications. Whether it is used in HVAC systems, air purifiers, or industrial filtration systems, our filter media excels at capturing contaminants and eliminating odors, thus promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.

1. Made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and an extended service life. Maintains efficiency over extended periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

2.Designed to maintain optimal airflow while offering high filtration efficiency. Reduces pressure drop, ensuring efficient operation of HVAC systems and air purifiers.

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Fibrous activated carbon filter cotton uses high-quality powdered activated carbon as the adsorptive material, which is loaded onto an air filter nonwoven fiber substrate. It features excellent adsorption and dust collection capabilities, good formability (easy to cut and fold), high strength, and low airflow resistance. It is mainly used for oil fume purification, and as a component in various household and automotive air conditioners and air filters, as well as for water purification and gas phase adsorption. It can be used alone to remove fine dust, smoke, odors, and volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde. Additionally, it can be combined with ultra-fine melt-blown fibers and coarse filter cotton to achieve high dust filtration and deodorization effects.

Activated carbon filter material, which can effectively filter general contaminants in the air, effectively control the ozone in
the air and organic pollution, and remove the smells, SO2 and ammonia gas in the air. Corrosion resistant, it is the best choice
to purify the air for air-conditioning and ventilation spaces.


● Use the high quality powdered activated carbon as the adsorption material,Good absorption and dust collection affect

● Can be used alone to odor、dust and volatile organic pollutants such as benzene、formaldehyde

● Mainly used in industrial waste gas treatment and air purification

● The filter media consists of high quality catalyzed powdered activated carbon

● It can be made into different shapes and used in various air-conditioning purifiers

● High quality filtration media for panel filters, bag filters


Active carbon filter is mainly used in industrial waste gas treatment, fume purification, water purification and gas adsorption
as well as a variety of air-conditioning, air filter package in household and automobiles.

Commercial or industrial environments: removing harmful substances or odors.

HVAC systems: Maintain a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment


Item Activated carbon filter media
Size customized
Medium Material activated carbon
Color Black
Package PE bag+ Carton Box



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