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Compact Filters (V-Bank Style)

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Industrial H13-U16 Plastic Frame Hepa Filterfor Ventilation HVAC Air Conditioning System

Industrial H13-U16 Plastic Frame Hepa Filterfor Ventilation HVAC Air Conditioning System

V-type compact filter is a high-efficiency air filtration equipment, suitable for various high-demand air filtration environments. Its unique V-shaped design greatly increases the filtration area, thereby improving filtration efficiency and service life. This filter is compact and easy to install and replace. Its excellent filtration performance can effectively remove particles in the air and ensure air quality. In addition, V-shaped compact filters have low operating costs and simple maintenance, making them ideal for high-efficiency air filtration.

1. HEPA Grade: V bank filters are typically available in various HEPA grades, such as H13, H14, and U15, which can capture up to 99.995% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

2. High Capacity: Despite its compact size, the V bank filter offers high dust-holding capacity, making it suitable for environments where space is limited.

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V-bank hepa filter, also known as large air volume /W type/combined filter, combined high efficiency filter frame is divided into: plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum frame, stainless steel frame, commonly used plastic frame combined high efficiency filter. It is suitable for use in research and production departments where various processes require less than 100,000 class cleanliness (<0.5um dust particles). Because the filter has good bacterial filtration performance, it is especially suitable for pharmaceutical industry, biological laboratory, hospital operating room, food industry, cosmetics industry.

This high-performance V bank filter provides superior protection for your livestock, optimizing airflow and minimizing maintenance expenses. Furthermore, its robust design ensures durability during handling, installation, operation, and replacement, even in the face of challenges posed by farm pests.

Working Principle: The use of air flow filter core fiber microporous or narrow, zigzag filter channel when multiple collisions, so that the dust particles are blocked or adhered to the filter, so as to achieve the effect of air purification.


● Large filtration area 

● High Efficiency and low damage

● Solution for particulate and molecular contaminants

● Frame:Plastic

● Media:polypropylene or the fiberglass

● Size:Customized


1. Hepa filters for clean rooms, commercial and industrial ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
2. Ventilation and air conditioning systems for high humidity environments.
3. Ventilation and air conditioning systems with variable air volume.
4. Widely used in clean rooms and other areas with strict requirements for air cleanliness.


Type Dimensions
Filter Area Structure Initial resistance&airflow(Pa&m³/h)
HF-HV F8 H10 H13
287*592*292 8.4 FlangedType 90&1600 180&1600 240&1600
592*592*292 18.8 90&3200 180&3200 240&3200
305*610*292 13.5 Box Type 90&1800 180&180 240&1800
610*610*292 27 90&3600 180&3600 240&3600



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