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Cleanroom Panels(Mini Pleated)

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Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter

Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter

■ Adopting the superfine fiberglass filter paper or PP high efficiency filter

paper as the media,separated by hot melt adhesive.

■ Filtering 0.3 microns or less suspended particles in the air.

■ High efficiency,light weight and long service life.

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The Mini Pleated Cleanroom Panel is a high-efficiency air filtration device designed specifically for cleanroom environments. It uses advanced mini-pleat technology to maximize the filter media area, thereby improving filtration efficiency. This panel is lightweight, compact, easy to install and easy to maintain. Its excellent filtration performance can effectively remove particles in the air and ensure the air quality in clean rooms. In addition, mini-pleated cleanroom panels offer long service life and low operating costs, making them ideal for efficient cleanroom operations.


Adopting the superfine fiberglass filter paper as the media, separated by hot melt adhesive and fiberglass thread, sealed by the new polyurethane sealant, aluminum alloy frame with combined spray protection network both in the outlet and inlet side to protect filter paper. Low loss, high efficiency, light weight, it is tested precisely one by one.

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