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Carbon 4v Bank Filter

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V Bank Activated Carbon Pleated Media Compact Air Filter Industrial Chemical Odor Removal 4V-Cell

V Bank Activated Carbon Pleated Media Compact Air Filter Industrial Chemical Odor Removal 4V-Cell

The filter's V-bank design, along with the use of dual-density fiberglass media, ensures exceptional performance even in challenging operational environments. The V-Bank filters are designed and tested to meet the requirements of critical manufacturing, commercial applications and labs and reach maximum TCO value due to high dust holding capacities.

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The Activated Carbon Compact Filter utilizes activated carbon particles combined with a composite of microfine synthetic fibers to effectively remove harmful substances from the air. The V-type activated carbon filter features a large filtration area, strong adsorption capacity, high removal efficiency, and reliable performance. It is easy to install and maintain, lightweight, and can be customized in size according to customer requirements. When using activated carbon, it is important to monitor the degree of saturation to ensure timely replacement and maintain effective air purification.

These V-bank activated carbon air filters feature a V-shaped design with a deep structure filled with high-quality granular activated carbon or impregnated carbon fibers. This unique configuration maximizes the contact surface area between air and carbon, making them exceptionally effective in adsorbing and eliminating odors, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.


● Media:Activated Carbon

● 100% factory inspection

● Easy to use

● Good effect on odor removal

● Used high quality active felt or activated carbon fiber, to meet the special needs of environment

● Used different frame for different working environmen


High Efficiency Gas Phase filters are well suited for demanding HVAC applications in office buildings, hospitals, airports, and other facilities where indoor air quality problems are a concern. These filters are available in a variety of standard sizes, making them easy to install in most existing HVAC units and new construction projects.


TypeDimensionsW*H*D(mm)Filter Area StructureInitial resistance&airflow(Pa&m3/h)
305*610*29213.5 Box Type(5V)90&1800180&180240&1800



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