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Merv Filter Media Roll

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Sandwich Activated Carbon Filter Media Cloth 3 Layers Auto Cabin Air Filter Absorbant Material Paper Roll

Sandwich Activated Carbon Filter Media Cloth 3 Layers Auto Cabin Air Filter Absorbant Material Paper Roll

Activated Carbon Filter Media is an excellent functional adsorbent material due to its high porosity and large surface area. It can be manufactured into various forms such as felt, cloth, and other fabrics. Activated carbon fiber offers many advantages over other forms of activated carbon, such as powdered activated carbon, due to its unique shape. It is widely used in numerous applications, including:               
  • 1. Environmental: Carbon fiber filters for air purification and water treatment.
  • 2. Chemical: Recovery of organic solvents and compounds.
  • 3. Military defense: Gas masks and fire-resistant clothing.
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The composite activated carbon cloth is produced using hot pressing technology combined with high-frequency vibration equipment, which evenly spreads coconut shell activated carbon on the surface of a non-woven base material. This creates a high-efficiency filtration material capable of effectively adsorbing various industrial waste gases from the air while maintaining low wind resistance. The material retains the physical properties of cloth, such as strength, flexibility, and durability, while also providing the adsorption features and microporous filter performance of activated carbon.

The material features uniform fiber distribution and equal physical values in all directions. It offers high air permeability to meet sufficient filtering requirements. It is environmentally friendly and provides efficient filtration with good permeability and low resistance.

This fabric is composed of multiple layers of nonwoven materials with varying efficiency rates, with a carbonized middle layer. The nonwoven layers can be chosen from spun-bond nonwovens, spun-lace nonwovens, and needle punch nonwovens.


● The composite is made with high-quality granulated activated carbon and nonwoven fabric as the base material through a special technical process.

● It offers good adsorption, high strength, easy forming, low resistance, and a long service life.

● It has excellent adsorption effects on benzene, formaldehyde, and pollution gases such as sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide.

● It can efficiently filter dust.


This activated carbon fiber is widely used in central air-conditioning filters, auto cabin air filters, protective clothing, deodorant shoe materials, and other fields. After undergoing a pleating process into finished filter products, it serves as an ideal air filtration media for home and auto air purification. It can also be used for both industrial and domestic water purification.


ArticleUnitTDSTest Standard
Basis Weightg/m2520±52JB5374-1991
Air PermeabilityL/m2.s>1000GB/T5453
Filtration Efficiency%>65TS.8130 (32L/min)
Pressure DropPa<10



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