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Carbon Air Filter

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Round Square HEPA Air Clean Filter HEPA Activated Carbon Filter High Odor Removal Efficiency

Round Square HEPA Air Clean Filter HEPA Activated Carbon Filter High Odor Removal Efficiency

Carbon-filled non-woven fabric uses coconut shell activated carbon powder as an adsorbent material, attaching it between two layers of non-woven fabric or long-fiber substrates. It has a high carbon content, excellent adsorption effect, good breathability, low airflow resistance, and good formability (can be cut and folded at will). It has certain corrosion resistance to common solvents, weak acids, and weak bases.

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The carbon-filled non-woven fabric is made by interlayering carbon between multiple layers of non-woven fabrics with different filtration performances, resulting in an orderly composite. It possesses the physical properties of fabric materials (strength, flexibility, durability), as well as the adsorption and microporous filtration capabilities of activated carbon. It is mainly used for air purification inside car cabins, capable of adsorbing unpleasant odors and harmful gases such as benzene, toluene, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide compounds, and ammonia. It is particularly effective in adsorbing smoke while also filtering dust particles.

Car filters are designed with a pleated structure, which effectively increases the filtration area, enhances adsorption and filtration performance, and extends the service life. This design reduces the air resistance of the filter, resulting in a smaller pressure drop, allowing for environmental purification under a certain air volume.


● Basis weight (g/m²): 60-650

● Carbon content (g/m²): ≥10% - 80%

● Thickness (mm): 0.5-1.5

● Filtration efficiency (particle size 5μm): ≥92% 

● o-Xylene removal rate: ≥95%

● Air filtration rate (L/m²·s): 1100

● Pressure drop: 50 Pa (0.3 m/s)


1.Commonly used in air filter screens, masks, shoe materials, storage boxes, and luggage manufacturing.

2.Dust and odor filtration for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

3.Material for car air conditioner filters.

4.Purification and adsorption of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and toluene.

5.Can be used as slices, framed slices, or whole sheets.

6.Suitable for household and commercial air purifiers, as well as air conditioning system purification.


Product namecarbon hepa filter
materialsandwich carbon fabric
characteristichigh odor removal efficiency
OEMAccept customization



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