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Painting-Stop Filter Material

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White Spray Paint Booth Ceiling Filter Media Polyester Cotton Fabric Filter Cloth Hepa For G2/G3/G4/F5

White Spray Paint Booth Ceiling Filter Media Polyester Cotton Fabric Filter Cloth Hepa For G2/G3/G4/F5

Ceiling filter media is a type of air filtration material specifically designed for use in the ceilings of spray booths, clean rooms, and other controlled environments. This media plays a crucial role in ensuring a contaminant-free workspace by trapping airborne particles, dust, and paint overspray that can affect the quality of the final product.

1. Available in various sizes and configurations to fit different ceiling grid systems.

2. Capable of holding large amounts of dust and particles before needing replacement.

3. Eco-Friendly

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Spray booth intake filters, also known as ceiling filters, represent the second stage of the air filtration process. They resemble large "blankets" made from thicker polyester batting, often quilted together. They can also be composed of individual pads designed to fit into frames. Some spray booth filter pads feature integrated metal frames to enhance their rigidity.  Ceiling Filters available in rolls,suitable for high efficiency filtration of intake air in pressurized paint spray booths and ovens in automobile repair shop and for the pre-filtration of more efficient filters.

This Ceiling Filters is made from long, hot-melt, anti-break synthetic fibers and high-quality water resin. Our production process involves full solid glue spraying steps, with fiber density increasing layer by layer, resulting in a more uniform filter surface that efficiently blocks and absorbs tiny particles.


● Utilizes synthetic fibers known for excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity, and dimensional stability

● Features a gradient density structure where fiber density increases progressively towards the clean air side, effectively trapping particles of varying sizes across different density levels

● The mesh on the air outlet surface is specially compacted and reinforced with a fishing net

● Offers high dust capacity, low resistance, and cost-effectiveness

● Fully impregnated with adhesive treatment to ensure dust particles cannot pass through. Customers can choose between full, surface, or dry treatments for the filter material

● Exhibits strong moisture resistance, capable of withstanding up to 100% relative humidity

● Complies with European and American non-flammability standards, such as DIN53438-F1 and UL900-class 2 with flameout certification


The series of ceiling filters are primarily used in the surface spray-paint industry, high-tech electronics, aerospace, and other industries. They are composed of imported high-performance, anti-break synthetic fibers using advanced composite technology.


TypeFiltration ClassInitial Pressure Drop (Pa)Final Pressure Drop(pa)Rated Air Flow (m3/h)Air Velocity (m/s)Dust Holding Capacity (g/m2)Thickness
Standard size: 2x20M




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