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HVAC System Synthetic Fiber Pocket Filters

HVAC System Synthetic Fiber Pocket Filters

HF Filters presents high-quality HVAC System Synthetic Fiber Pocket Filters, designed to enhance air quality and ensure efficient filtration in HVAC systems. Our bag filters are engineered using premium synthetic fibers, meticulously crafted to provide optimal performance and durability.

1. Premium Synthetic Fiber Construction: Crafted from top-grade synthetic fibers, our filters offer superior strength and durability, maintaining their integrity even in demanding environments.

2. Low-Pressure Drop Design: Engineered for optimal airflow, our filters minimize pressure drop, ensuring efficient performance while conserving energy and reducing operational costs.

3.Customization Options: We offer OEM and ODM services, allowing clients to customize filters according to their specific requirements, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse HVAC applications.

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The pocket is made of an ultra-fiberglass fiber material that is bonded to a thin non-woven synthetic backing. It is sewn with multiple rows of expanded stitching. These filters, with medium to high efficiency, can be utilized in various commercial and industrial settings, as well as for specific purposes like collecting oil mist, fumes, and heavy airborne contaminants. They are suitable for use as primary or secondary filters in HVAC systems, hospitals, automotive industry, and biotechnology.

Medium-effect filters, located in the front section of high-efficiency filters, are mainly used to filter dust particles of 1-5μm. The high performance non-woven fabric made by hot melt process is used as the filter material to avoid the discomfort that the old glass fiber material may cause to the human body. With small resistance and large air volume, bag type medium efficiency filter is usually chosen in industrial filtration system because of its high dust capacity.


● Large air volume  

● Resistance is small

● High dust holding capacity

● Sturdy structure

● Frame: Aluminum of galvanized iron

● Filter: Made of 2/3/4 layers of fabric cloth etc

● Temperature: 100℃

● Humidity: 100%

Multi-pocket design, large ventilation, ultrasonic high-temperature fusion, better airtightness, optional frameless design, reusable outer frame and bracket.


1. Main filtration of air purification equipment.
2. Pre-stage filtration of high-efficiency filters.
3. Secondary or un-stage filtration of central air-conditioning system.
4. Cleanroom fresh air air conditioning system, middle filtration of fresh air unit.
5. Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, main filtration of air conditioning systems.
6. Widely used in the filtration system of electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food and other industries, it is the best structure of the current medium-effect filter.


Type Color Filter Class Size(mm) W*H*D Pockets Pressure Drop at Rated Airflow
Pa m3/h Pa m3/h Pa m3/h
HF-WFD-F7 Pink F7/80-85% 595x595x600 8 45 2300 80 3500 110 4500
595x595x600 6 45 2100 80 3200 110 4300
495x595x600 6 45 2000 80 3000 110 4200
595x295x600 3 45 1100 80 1800 110 2300


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