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Blue Mesh Treated Layer HC-14 Humidifier Replacement Wicking Filter  for Honeywell HCM-6009 HCM-6011

Blue Mesh Treated Layer HC-14 Humidifier Replacement Wicking Filter for Honeywell HCM-6009 HCM-6011

①Our Healthy Filters humidifier filter successfully filters impurities from water while retaining essential minerals needed by the human body. As it humidifies the air, it also alleviates discomfort from dry environments and moisturizes the skin.

②It prevents white dust from entering indoor air and settling on visible objects.

③It effectively removes dust, dander, and large particles.

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Our Healthy Filters upgraded humidifier filter is made with sturdy, thick absorbent paper. The interlaced mesh structure allows water to pass through the gaps, creating a capillary action. As a result, our filter significantly reduces water evaporation, ensuring high moisture output from your humidifier.

Additionally, this design enhances the filter's hardening after exposure to moisture, thereby increasing its lifespan. Choose the Healthy Filters upgraded humidifier filter for an efficient and durable solution to improve your indoor air quality and comfort.problems


EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE – These replacement wicking filters effectively capture minerals and impurities from your humidifier's water. The blue pre-filter layer helps trap large particles, ensuring cleaner and healthier air.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL – Crafted from high-quality, environmentally friendly imported heap filter paper, these filters are designed to deliver optimal performance and promote a healthier lifestyle. The optimized filter design maximizes moisture output, enhancing the efficiency of your humidifier.

OEM –  Customized various humidifier filters for different machines, and provide product design solutions according to the machine.


Widely compatible with Honeywell humidifiers HC-14V1, HC-14, HC-14N, Filter E, Models HEV-680 Series, HEV-680B, HEV-680W, HEV-685 Series, HEV-685 B, HEV-685 W, HCM-6009, HCM-6011 Series, HCM-6011i, HCM-6011WW, HCM-6012i, HCM-6013i, HM-3500 Series, HM-3600 Series, SCM-3500 Series, SCM-3600 Series.



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