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Compact Filters (V-Bank Style)

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Mini Pleat V Bank Compact HEPA Air Filter

Mini Pleat V Bank Compact HEPA Air Filter

Used as final air filter in cleaning filtration system.

Good permeability, dust holding amount is large, stable performance, etc.

Combined high-efficiency filter is also called large air volume W-type and V-type filter

Efficiency: F6, F7, F8, F9, H10

Suitable for air conditioning and air cleaning equipment of high quantity ventilation

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V-type compact filter is a high-efficiency air filtration equipment, suitable for various high-demand air filtration environments. Its unique V-shaped design greatly increases the filtration area, thereby improving filtration efficiency and service life. This filter is compact and easy to install and replace. Its excellent filtration performance can effectively remove particles in the air and ensure air quality. In addition, V-shaped compact filters have low operating costs and simple maintenance, making them ideal for high-efficiency air filtration.

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