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Medium Efficiency Multi Bag Air Filter

Medium Efficiency Multi Bag Air Filter

Bag filters, or pocket filters, are used in HVAC applications as high efficiency final filters in industrial, commercial, medical and institutional applications and as prefilters in HEPA installations.

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Bag filter is an efficient and reliable dust removal equipment. It uses fiber filter bags that can effectively capture tiny dust particles and ensure air quality. Its compact design and easy installation make it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Bag filters provide excellent filtration performance and are able to handle large gas flows while maintaining low pressure losses. In addition, the filter bags are replaceable, reducing operating and maintenance costs. Bag filters are an ideal choice for environmental protection and energy saving, providing clean and safe air for your working environment.

Medium Efficiency Multi Bag Air Filter factory

Medium Efficiency Multi Bag Air Filter factory

Medium Efficiency Multi Bag Air Filter factoryMedium Efficiency Multi Bag Air Filter supplier

Features of synthetic fiber bag filter:

● Large air volume

● Resistance is small

● High dust holding capacity

● Sturdy structure

● Frame: Aluminum of galvanized iron

● Filter: Media density increase step by step

● Temperature: 100℃

● Humidity: 100%


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