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Washable Wick Filters

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Home Appliance humidifier filter Replacement Wick filter for H060517 / H060507 / H060510

Home Appliance humidifier filter Replacement Wick filter for H060517 / H060507 / H060510

Principle: Utilizes advanced folding technology to increase the moisture content in the air while humidifying.

Function: Antibacterial materials filter the air during the humidification process, killing bacteria and viruses in the water, making the humidifier purer. It also helps prevent colds and effectively treats tinnitus.

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The Healthy Filters humidifier filter replacement parts are made of high-quality plastic, ensuring sturdiness and durability. These filters effectively remove particles, bacteria, dust, and more. Installation is simple and does not require any complex procedures.

Choose Healthy Filters to provide a comfortable living, studying, and working environment for you and your family.


● This humidifier filter is compatible with h060517. The H060507 antimicrobial vaporization filter and H060510 antimicrobial vaporization filter are integrated with H060517 antimicrobial vaporization filter

● Excellent Humidification Performance:The h060517 antibacterial vaporization filter is replaced, and the room is pleasantly moisturized, increasing the humidification capability

● Washable:The humidifier filter h060517 can be washed. This will extend the life of the filter

● After replacing the humidifier filter, the amount of scale in the water is reduced, the humidity instantly increases, and the humidification capacity is significantly improved, enhancing humidification efficiency

● Antibacterial and antifungal treatment can prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in the tray


Replacement Filters Compatible with HD-3008 HD-3009 HD-300A HD-300B HD-300C HD-300CE HD-300D HD-300DE HD-300E HD-300EE HD-300F HD-300FE HD-300GE HD-300HE HD-HE HD-30HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-300HE HD-3000HE 0IE HD-300JE HD-300R18 HD-300R19 HD-300R20 HD-300R21 HD-300TR HD-300TR2 HD-300TR3 HD-300TR4 HD-3010 HD-3011 HD-3012 HD-3013 HD-3014 HD-3015 HD-3015E3 HD-3016 HD-3016E4 HD-3017 HD-3017E5 HD-3018 HD-3018E6 HD-3019 HD-3019E7 HD-3020 HD-3020E8 HD-3021 HD-3021E9 HD-3022 HD-3022E2 HD-C300G.

HD-KS3017 HD-KSRX318 HD-KSRX319 HD-KSRX320 HD-N323 HD-N323E3 HD-RX308 HD-RX309 HD-RX311 HD-RX312 HD-RX313 HD-RX3 HD-RX13 HD-RX13 HD-RX13 HD-RX13 HD-RX3 HD-RX13 HD-RX13 HD-RX3 HD-RX3 4 HD-RX 315 HD-RX316 HD-RX317 HD-RX318 HD-RX319 HD-RX320 HD-RX321 HD-RX322 HD-RX323


ItemReplacement filter for H060517/H060507/H060518
Size‎20.3 x 12 x 11.3 cm
Medium MaterialAntimicrobial vaporization filter
OEM&ODM ServiceWelcome
PackagePE bag+ Carton Box



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