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Synthetic Bag Filter Material M5/M6/F7/F8/F9

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G4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 Synthetic Fiber Roll Pocket Filter Material Air Filter Paper Media for HVAC Ventilation

G4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 Synthetic Fiber Roll Pocket Filter Material Air Filter Paper Media for HVAC Ventilation

Composite bag filter media is made from various types of polypropylene, making it an economical choice as polypropylene is one of the most cost-effective synthetic materials. The polypropylene used is flat and dull, posing no risk to the environment and allowing for safe disposal. The material features a three-dimensional net structure and forms both rough and fine filter layers. This media offers high air filtration efficiency and adapts to the demands of multilayered filter material and gradient filtration, which helps to prolong the product's lifespan. It can be widely used for bag filters and panel filters in general ventilation systems.

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Our bag-type air filter media material specifications are as follows: The outer layer is made of 100% high-strength non-woven fabric, with color customizable according to customer requirements. The dual-component (PP+PET) layer utilizes a "Z"-shaped blend of ultra-fine meltblown fibers and PET fibers, providing higher filtration efficiency, excellent compression resilience, higher air permeability, and dust holding capacity while reducing pressure drop during use. This innovative filter media is designed for applications requiring both high dust holding capacity and low resistance. The inner non-woven fabric layer, made of needle-punched or composite non-woven media, filters larger particles at a lower initial pressure drop, enhancing maximum dust holding capacity and extending the filter bag's service life. The central partition ensures that air pressure is evenly distributed throughout the entire bag, improving filtration performance.


● Surface layer: 100% high strength PP spun-bond media, color can make to order

● Melt-blown layer: fine filtration layer to capture sub-micron particles

● Dust holding layer: needle punched media or compound media applied, design to filter the larger particles at lower initial
pressure drop and enhance to reach the max dust volume

● Inner protective layer: longger service life

● Low resistance with high air flow

● High dust holding capacity and extended service life

● Economical in cost

● Operates effectively at high temperatures and humidity up to 80°C and 80% RH

● Achieves G3-F9 efficiency levels with a particle capture range of 45-95% @ 0.5 micron

● Recommended final resistance range: 300-400 Pa


1. Aerospace, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, wafer fabrication, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, food processing, and other high-cleanliness environments.

2. Endpoints of air conditioning and ventilation systems, including terminal filtration in high-temperature ovens and baking equipment.

3. Critical environments such as hospital operating rooms, biopharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, circuit board manufacturing, microelectronics, optics, LED photoelectric industries, and QS-certified food processing requiring controlled temperature and clean working conditions.


StandardFlow rate 32L/minWeight(g/m2)±10%Color
Air [email protected]/s
ChinaEuroEUROInitial ResistanceInitial Efficiency
F8-Light Yellow
Senior MediumF9F92.490240Dark Yellow



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