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Carbon Panel Filter

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G3 G4 Primary Efficiency Activated Carbon Panel Performance Folding Aluminum Alloy Pre Air Filter Cardboard Honeycomb

G3 G4 Primary Efficiency Activated Carbon Panel Performance Folding Aluminum Alloy Pre Air Filter Cardboard Honeycomb

Activated carbon composite materials are designed to have dual functions of dust collection and deodorization. These materials possess a strong surface adsorption ability, making them effective in trapping and removing airborne particles and odors. Additionally, they are easily replaceable, allowing for convenient maintenance. These composites are commonly used in the pre-filtration stage of air conditioning systems to enhance indoor air quality by capturing dust and eliminating unpleasant smells.

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Pleated carbon filters are an effective way to remove and prevent odors and fumes, and are widely used in air conditioners. The activated carbon materials are folded and supported by paperboard sheets, metal meshes, or other materials to maintain a rigid structure. The pleated carbon filter is then surrounded by a firm frame made of paperboard, foam, aluminum alloy, or galvanized metal. This sturdy frame extends the service life of the pleated carbon filter and allows for easy installation on machines or air conditioners.

The activated carbon bag filter uses a double U-shaped aluminum alloy and a galvanized iron outer frame. The bag is supported by a grille locked into the U-shaped frame, with adjacent grilles pressing the bag tightly. This special construction ensures that the bag is securely locked to prevent it from falling off or getting damaged during handling. All metal edges of the filter are rolled to avoid scratching the filter during installation and replacement, making the operation easy and safe.


● Eliminates sulfur dioxide and other volatile organic pollutants from the air.

● High adsorption performance.

● Low resistance and large dust holding capacity.

● Sturdy construction.

● Smooth surface.

● Available with galvanized steel and aluminum frames.

● Washable


1. Used for primary filtration in commercial and industrial ventilation systems.

2. Applied in air conditioning systems.

3. Suitable for ventilation systems that only require by-pass filtration.


Model Size(mm)Rated Airflow(m³/h )Initial Pressure Drop (Pa)FrameMedia
HF-HXT595x595x46320040AluGiCarbon Fabric




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