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Primary Filter Material

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Filter Raw Material G3/G4 100% Es Material Fiber Nonwoven Fabric 25-50GSM Hot Air Cotton Cold Non-Woven Fabric

Filter Raw Material G3/G4 100% Es Material Fiber Nonwoven Fabric 25-50GSM Hot Air Cotton Cold Non-Woven Fabric

Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining optimal air quality and extending the life of HVAC systems with our high-efficiency pre-filter media.

1. Engineered to allow maximum airflow while maintaining high filtration efficiency, reducing pressure drop and ensuring the smooth operation of your HVAC system.

2. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, our washable pre-filter media can be reused multiple times, reducing waste.

3.Eco-Friendly: Options for recyclable or biodegradable media are available, supporting sustainable practices in air filtration.

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Hot Air Cotton is a nonwoven, nonwoven cotton fabric formed using ES fibers (two-component composite fibers of polyethylene and polypropylene) after passing through a single-layer hot air oven. The finished product is lighter in grams and can be made very thin. Hot air cotton does not require a needling machine, but a hot air oven. Appearance of hot air cotton is relatively smooth, through observation you can see the hot air cotton multi-layer fiber cotton bonding traces.

Our filter media rolls are offered in different sizes, thicknesses, and filtration grades to suit various air filtration systems. They can be tailored to fit specific needs and applications. The rolls and pads are specially designed to efficiently trap dust particles and have a large capacity to retain them, without releasing any fibers into the airflow.


● Large Filtration area

● Large dust holding capacity

● Grade: G1-G4

● Content static electricity fiber

● It is woven specially with the supplier fiber

● All filter mats are manfactured using an eco-friendly recipe

● Nontoxic,anti-bacteriano stimulation and couses no allergy to human body Ag+ restrain breeding ground for bacteria

● Excellent softness, Super smooth, more fluffy, hydrophilic, dryness, exquisite 3D apperance

● 3D embossing, low re-wet, permeability 

● High level of tensile strength, and elongation


Widely used in the manufacture of disposable products, such as baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, fabrics for women's hygiene products and napkins, bath towels, disposable tablecloths, cartridges, etc.; medium-thickness products are used in the production of winter clothing, bedding, baby sleeping bags, sofa cushions and so on. 


Part NamePre Filter 
Dust holdingcapacity(g/)400-630
Weight20 kg



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