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Painting-Stop Filter Material

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Fiberglass Material Paint Room Stop Filter Media Roll Spray Booth Floor Filter

Fiberglass Material Paint Room Stop Filter Media Roll Spray Booth Floor Filter

Painting stop filter media, also known as paint arrestor filters, are specialized filters engineered to capture and retain paint overspray particles in spray booths and painting environments. These filters are essential for maintaining a clean and efficient painting operation by preventing overspray from contaminating the workspace and compromising the quality of the finished product.

1. Suitable for various painting environments, including automotive, aerospace, furniture, and industrial painting operations.

2. Some filters are designed with environmentally friendly materials.

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Fiberglass Media Floor Filter is made of long fiberglass in non-woven way, large ventilation quantity, small resistance, good efficiency of the dust arrestance for the over-spray. High quality fiberglass floor filters designed specifically for spray booths. Roll sizes are customizable and feature progressive density fiberglass filter media. Ideal for automotive paint booth floors or as a secondary filter in most rooms. Increased build-up capability is enhanced with a protective laminate treatment. 


● Fiberglass filter media is made from long fiberglass in a non-woven format, offering high ventilation capacity, low resistance, and effective dust arrestance for over-spray

● It is used for high-quality spray coating filtration, with high dust capture efficiency for PA-50/60/PA-100, and is particularly suitable for use in heat recovery systems

● Features a high-strength fiberglass structure, with the windward side in green and the leeward side in white

● The low compression performance maintains its shape, making the filtration fiber effective for capturing oil mist and dust

● Nonflammable and resistant to temperatures up to 170°C

● Compression packing saves on transportation and storage costs, and the filter regains its original condition after decompression

● The outer frame can be made from paper, galvanized iron, or aluminum alloy


1. Primarily used in auto electrophoretic paint filters and fire-resistant steel casting plants for flue gas dust removal processing systems;

2. Utilized in explosion-proof grinding bag dust collectors in blast furnaces and cement plants;

3. Captures mist from spray booths and painting equipment systems or adsorbs soot from kitchen and chemical industries, ensuring the exhaust gas meets environmental standards.


TypeThickness(mm)Test Air Velocity (m/s) Average arrestance (EN779)Initial
Resistance (pa)
Dust Holding Capacity (g/m2)Filtration
 Size (m)Temperature
 Available thickness: 50mm, 75mm ,80mm



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