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Air Purifier Parts Replacement For DaiKin MC Series Model MC70KMV2 MCK57LMV2 MC709MV2 Air Purifier Home Air Filters

Air Purifier Parts Replacement For DaiKin MC Series Model MC70KMV2 MCK57LMV2 MC709MV2 Air Purifier Home Air Filters

(Antibacterial Function) Filter (Electrostatic Non-woven Fabric Material) absorbs fine particles of dust and pollen, purifying indoor air. It has dust removal, antibacterial, and antiviral functions, making it safe for babies to use.

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The Healthy Filters Folds Filter is a highly efficient air filter designed to reduce indoor odors and enhance air quality. Utilizing activated carbon filtration, it effectively reduces odors caused by pets, smoke, cooking fumes, and various household products and chemicals.

This filter features a dual-layer folding filtration system. The first layer is an electrostatic dust filter that captures charged dust, pollen, and other allergens. The second layer is a UP photocatalyst titanium filter, which adsorbs and decomposes odors and bacteria.

The Healthy Filters Folds Filter also employs a natural evaporation process, drawing in dry air, adding water molecules, and releasing humidified air into the room, thereby improving indoor humidity levels.

In a 25m³ test space, it can compress and remove over 99% of viruses. It is also highly effective in removing PM2.5 particles, which are particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers, with particles between 1μm and 2.5μm accounting for 99%. Additionally, it removes over 99% of pollen from the left pollen center, significantly improving air freshness.

Choose the Healthy Filters Folds Filter for the best in-home air quality assurance, creating a fresh and healthy living environment.


Electrostatic Fiber Dust Collection Filter: The porous molecular structure effectively filters harmful substances from the atmosphere.

Titanium Filter Layer: Strongly adsorbs and decomposes odors and bacteria.

Electrostatic Fiber: Compared to ordinary fibers, it has higher filtration efficiency, greater precision, higher dust holding capacity, and a longer lifespan, capable of filtering 99.8% of pollen particles.

● Material: Non-woven fabric (antibacterial and impregnated with antiviral agents)

● It is beneficial to filter PM2.5,absorb and intercept the dirt in the air,and enjoy the fresh air quietly.

● Provide a variety of specifications and quantities to choose from.

Replacement Pleated Filter Compatible Model

Replacement filter for Daikin MC70KMV2, MC70KMV2N, MC70KMV2R, MC70KMV2A, MC70KMV2K, MC709MV2


ItemReplacement filter for Daikin MC70L MC70KMV2-R
Size 370*305mm
PackagePE bag+ Carton Box



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