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Merv Filter Media Roll

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Activated Carbon Metal Mesh Laminated Synthetic Fiber Material Wire Air Pre Filter Media Roll

Activated Carbon Metal Mesh Laminated Synthetic Fiber Material Wire Air Pre Filter Media Roll

This filter media is usually constructed using resilient synthetic fibers that are resistant to breakage. It is strengthened with a mesh layer to enhance its rigidity and structural strength. As a result, it is extremely efficient in environments with significant air pollution and contamination. Adopt with high quality polyester fiber, our filter materials are made by needle punching, laminating, electrostatic treatment and other processes.

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Mesh Synthetic Filter Cotton RoIlt, through a gradual encryption manufacturing process, this media achieves low initial resistance and high dust holding capacity. It can be used to produce pleated filters after laminating with wire mesh. It features excellent flame resistance, meeting European DIN53438-F1 standards, and is highly moisture-resistant, capable of withstanding up to 100% humidity.

Healthy Filters mesh filter material is a layer of metal mesh or rigid plastic mesh bonded on the air outlet surface of the coarse and medium efficiency filter material, which increases the stiffness and hardness of the material. It is easy to shape after folding and does not deform when used under high air flow.


● Media: 100% Polyester fibre

● Efficiency: G3 G4 as per EN779

● Average Arrestance:  92% @5μm

● Initial resistance: 45 Pa

● Recommended final pressure drop: 250Pa

● Humidity resistance: 90%RH

● Max Temperature: 60 ℃

● DIN 53438 Flammability: F1

● UL 900 Standard:  Class 2

● Air flow rate:  2.5m/s


Widely used in bag-type, plate-type, fold-type, and winding-type filters, this media is suitable for pre-filtration in central air conditioning and central ventilation systems, large air compressor pre-filtration, and clean return air systems.


Part Name Supply Laminated Mesh Air Filter Media  
size customized  
Colour Black ,White (Customized) 
Weight  ‎110g 
Efficiency  (Customized) 
Package PP+PET 



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