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Activated Carbon Filter Material

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Activated Carbon Foam Net Filter Polyurethane Sponge Cotton Primary Air Filter Honeycomb Filter

Activated Carbon Foam Net Filter Polyurethane Sponge Cotton Primary Air Filter Honeycomb Filter

Activated carbon filter media, Activated carbon foam which use the high quality powdered activated carbon as the adsorption material,Good absorption and dust collection affect.

1.Integrates into HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities by reducing odors and VOCs.

2.Essential in industrial settings where chemical fumes and odors are prevalent, ensuring a safer and more comfortable working environment.

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Activated carbon foam also known as activated carbon sponge, is a kind of air filter media. The activated carbon foam is constructed from polyurethane sponge and high-quality coconut shell or coal-activated carbon powder with Good absorption and dust collection. The activated carbon foam has different pore sizes and air filtering efficiency. The different pore sizes can suit more applications and satisfy more customers.

Honeycomb activated carbon sponge is activated carbon combined in polyester fiber, durable, good adsorbability, widely used in homes, factories, hospitals, aquariums and other water quality or air purification, It can withstand a temperature of about 100 degrees.and can get rid of fine dust, filter bacteria, odor, can effectively purify and remove harmful substances in water or air.Protect human health.


● Durable - Filter pads are made of durable cotton material, durable and long-lasting

● Powerful Filtration - Fish tank filter pads effectively filter out waste, decaying plants and debris, reducing fish mortality and filtration and increasing oxygen dissolution in the tank

● High filtering efficiency, High absorption

● Flexible & durable. No harm to the environment, Non-toxic

● Odor free, Good drainage of water or oil after wet

● Recyclable, The filter wool is reusable after cleaning and can be cut to any size you need


The activated carbon foam with high carbon content and high filtering efficiency is mainly used for eliminating and removing the peculiar odors in the air. It can also eliminating the volatile organic compounds, dust, fog, odor and formaldehyde, etc.

Activated carbon foam Filter mats are widely used in saltwater tanks, freshwater tanks, water plant tanks, ponds, fish tanks and aquariums.


Material polyurethane mesh sponge foam
Color Black
Density 10-60ppi
Thickness 3-100mm
Size Customized



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