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Activated Carbon Filter Material

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Activated Carbon Filter Media Honeycomb Polyester Sheet Rain Water Filter Sponge Reference

Activated Carbon Filter Media Honeycomb Polyester Sheet Rain Water Filter Sponge Reference

Activated carbon filter foam is composed of polyether sponge and activated carbon. It serves the dual purpose of filtration and absorption of harmful gases. Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal or activated coal, undergoes a process to create small pores that increase surface area for adsorption or chemical reactions. This versatile material finds applications in various industries such as communication equipment, home appliances, automotive,medical equipment, instrument tools, bags, furniture, children’s educational toys, physical education equipment, housewares, and more.

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Porous shaped activated carbon filter is made by loading negative activity on polyurethane substrate, its carbon content is about 50%-70%, with good adsorption performance, can be used for air purification, stimulate the power of organic compounds in the air of fine dust, tobacco, odor, toluene, methanol and other pollutants. Indoor decoration, car interior decoration, effectively improve indoor air quality, flame retardant activated carbon foam plays a double role in purification and flame retardant.

Our activated carbon filter material is a highly effective air purification solution. It is made of high-quality activated carbon, which can effectively absorb and remove harmful substances in the air, such as odors, chemicals and harmful gases. This material has rich pore structure, large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. It works with a variety of air purifiers and air filtration systems to provide fresh, healthy indoor air. Additionally, our activated carbon filter material is durable and easy to replace, giving you long-lasting air quality improvements. Choose our activated carbon filter material to make your life healthier and more comfortable.


● Use the high quality powdered activated carbon as the adsorption material,Good absorption and dust collection affect

● Can be used alone to odor、dust and volatile organic pollutants such as benzene、formaldehyde

● Mainly used in industrial waste gas treatment and air purification

● Benzene absorption rate: 25%-32%

● Gas linear velocity of 1.0 m/Sec


①Solvent recovery: benzene, ketones, esters, petroleum can be adsorbed and recovered

② air purification: adsorption and filtration of airborne malodors, body odor, smoke, toxic gases, O3, SO2, NO.

③Water purification: it can remove heavy metal ions, carcinogenic substances, odor, mildew, bacteria and decolorization in water; it can be used for tap water, food industry water and industrial pure water treatment.

④Environmental protection project: waste gas and sewage treatment.

⑤ anti-virus masks, anti-virus clothing, filters.

⑥ precious metal refining or recovery, adsorption of radioactive substances.

⑦(vii) used in medicine for bandages, acute antidotes, artificial kidneys.

⑧ electronics and energy applications, such as high-capacity capacitors, storage batteries.

⑨ high temperature and thermal insulation materials.



Activated carbon filter media

Medium material

Activated carbon




According to EN779 standard


1*50M/1.2*50M or customized

Activated Carbon Contentg/m2

>90 or customized




Media roll/ Media Sheet







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