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Synthetic Bag Filter Material M5/M6/F7/F8/F9

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 Synthetic F5-F8 Midium Efficiency Pocket Filter Media Bag Roll Air Filter Raw Material

Synthetic F5-F8 Midium Efficiency Pocket Filter Media Bag Roll Air Filter Raw Material

Synthetic Bag Filter Media, available in M6, F7, F8, and F9 grades as per EN779 standards. Designed to deliver superior performance in HVAC systems and air conditioning units, our bag filter media ensures a clean and healthy environment by effectively capturing a wide range of airborne particles.

1. Multi-Grade Filtration: Available in M6, F7, F8, and F9 grades, our filter media caters to different air quality requirements, capturing particles ranging from coarse dust to fine contaminants.

2. High Dust-Holding Capacity: The advanced design provides a large surface area for particle capture, reducing the frequency of filter changes and maintenance.

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Filter bag media rolls for pocket air filters are specialized materials used in the construction of pocket filters, which are essential components of HVAC systems for air purification. These media rolls are designed to trap and hold particulates from the air, effectively preventing them from circulating within an indoor environment.

This filter bag media is a semi-finished product intended for pocket filter assembly. It can be easily cut to the required length to create pocket filters with multiple bags.

Bag filter media is made from synthetic non-woven fabric, which has three layers, The first crude fiber filter catch bigger dust in the air, the thin fiber filter catch smaller dust and the outer is protective layer.The excellent ultrasonically weld technology avoids the air flow leak caused by wind area, decreases the resistance and enlarges the dust volume.


● Small resistance

● Made of 2/3/4 layers PP fabric+MB fabric +Non-woven fabric

● High dust holding capacity

● Uniform color according to EN779 distinguish

● Safe material

● non-toxic and odorless

● Color is customizable


It is widely used in all kinds of pocket filters, bag filters, prefilters for HVAC and ventilation systems.


TypeColorFilter ClassSize(mm) W*H*DPocketsPressure Drop at Rated Airflow




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